Posted on November 1, 2016


Partial Birth Abortion, i.e. IDX, was banned in 2003 and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2007.  I excluded an exception for the “health” of the mother, but included an exception for the life of the mother (being in grave danger).

When the law was passed, a pro-abortion blogsite reassured the pro-choice advocates with “don’t worry girls, it won’t make any difference.  The other procedure D&E — the classical procedure for late term abortions — will see that there are no drop offs in such abortions.”  And later Justice Ginsberg (in 2007) wrote something to the effect that the 2003 PBA Law would make no difference to the “destruction of the fetuses” at that point in gestation.

So what replaced IDX PBA abortions?  There were very few IDX PBA surgical abortions prior to 2003 anyway, compared to the number of D&E abortions for late term second trimester abortions (21 to 28 weeks lmp).  But the procedure for IDX Partial Birth Abortion caught the attention of the media and the public because of its barbarism, and so the equal barbarism of D&E where the child is literally dismembered and crushed in the womb before being vacuumed out was ignored, indeed, not even know about.

Since 2003, we calculate that some 20,000 viable infants per year between the gestation ages of 21/22 to 28 weeks lmp (subtract a week or two from time since conception) have been terminated by the surgical method of Dilation & Evacuation which entails crushing the skull and tearing the limbs from the torso inside the uterus, before vacuuming out the fetal parts.  Whereas PBA was basically JUST suitable to present to the public regarding its primitive procedure, the method of killing viable infants (who can feel pain) in the womb is essentially impossible to present to the media and public, it is overlooked as the TOTAL replacement for the the now-banned Partial Birth Abortion method.


Too bad.  D&E is worse than IDX by far.  When will some legislator ask for its consideration for being banned by law?  How many more viable babies will die before that happens?  So far, while we have been researching the facts for the past decade or more, nearly a quarter of a million viable American babies have been killed by American parents and their doctors with American legislators’ passive assent and the public’s ignorance.  As Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta told President Bill Clinton, no nation can survive that kills its own children.  

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