Posted on October 9, 2016


According to early-October news reports, Planned Parenthood is spending over $30 million in support of Democratic candidates, while Emily’s List — with its membership of 3 million women — has dedicated through its PACs over $60 million so far in support of pro-abortion Democrat women candidates in 2016.

Pro-Life groups are being outspent by a factor of 10 to 1.  The Susan B. Anthony group has a membership of some 300,000. The National Right To Life (NRLC) has a membership in the “hundreds of thousands” and an annual budget of circa $6 million.  Emily’s List has an annual budget of over $60 million.

The Guttmacher Institute is a think tank, previously affiliated with Planned Parenthood and still closely allied with PPA, dedicated to pro-abortion research, surveys and data dissemination.  The pro-life sector has no equivalent comprehensive research entity.  It should have.

In 2012,of the 40 candidates for national political office supported and endorsed by Emily’s List 32 won.  The Washington Examiner calls Emily’s List the most influential PAC in the United States. 

All pro-choice women in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who were in office in 2003 and earlier voted against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act (including all Catholic Democrat women).  Emily’s List-endorsed women would not be in favor of banning late-term (post-21-weeks’ lmp) D&E Dismemberment Abortions of viable infants (with an exception for the LIFE of the mother as in the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003).

Thus when Katha Pollitt (of The Nation) asks in her recent New York Times Op-Ed, “Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion?”, the answer clearly is a simple NO – at least not in regard to late-term second-trimester D&E Dismemberment Abortion of viable babies in the 22 through 28 weeks’ gestation cycle.   

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