Posted on October 8, 2016



Estimated number of Abortions in America each year: (sources: CDC Annual Report – Abortions in America:  Guytmacher Institute.  Both data sources are limited due to voluntary survey submissions by state/clinic):- 

1st Trimester (1 – 13/14 weeks lmp)  1,100,000

2nd Trimester/1st Half (15 – 20/21 weeks lmp)  135,000

2nd Trimester/2nd Half (i.e. “Late-Term Abortion”:  21 – 27/28 weeks lmp)  19,000

3rd Trimester (29 – 39/40 weeks lmp)  650

Definitions:  Partial Birth Abortion is late term abortion, formally D&X (dilation & Extraction). Banned and enacted into law in 2003 (exception for case where LIFE –not “health” — of the mother is at grave risk).  This cruel method of terminating babies at 20/21 to 28 weeks was opposed by over two thirds of the U.S. public.

                           Pre-Birth Dismemberment Abortion is also late term abortion, formally D&E (dilation & evacuation) and is not banned even though the surgical method (of dismembering/crushing the baby in the womb and evacuating the fetal parts by suction and curretage) is as cruel as, and even more disturbing than D&X partial birth abortion.

                          The U.S. public and the media at large are clearly not aware of D&E Pre-Birth Dismemberment Abortion, its surgical methodology or its frequency, which number approximately 19,000 to 20,000 per year.

Viability–that is, the ability for an extremely premature-birth baby to survive to adulthood without physical impairment, with all means of assistance from professional medical staff at hospital NICUs (neo-natal intensive care units)–has been proven to be 21/22 weeks lmp, according to two major nationwide studies in the U.K. (Epicure 1 & 2), and by a major study in the U.S. of 17 college teaching hospitals.  These studies are supported by research reports of preemie births in Japan and certain individual U.S. states.

                          Congressional and State attempts to ban Late Term Abortion (which now means D&E) have been using two other justifications, the first being a draft Pain Capable Ban Act based on medical evidence that babies in the womb can feel pain at around 20 non-lmp to 22 weeks lmp gestation.  The second argument is to attempt to ban late term abortions after 20 weeks gestation, based on the intuitive assumption that the child is at or near viability; and that it also is ‘definable’ as the start of the 2nd half of the 2nd trimester. 

The current VP Candidates (@ Oct 2016) and media have been referring to Partial Birth Abortion in discussing late term abortion, perhaps because Presidential Candidate Clinton might seek to overturn the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 if elected to office.  However, the concentration of all dialogue on this subject should be on Pre-Birth Dismemberment Abortion (D&E), in that too should be banned by law (except for the LIFE of the mother being in grave danger), since the vast majority of such late term abortions are for non-medical reasons (i.e. financial, second-thoughts, objection by partner, unawareness, guilt; per Guttmacher’s survey), and at 21/22 weeks lmp those 19,000 children clearly have the chance of viability…of living a full life.  They should be given that chance.  Otherwise it’s infanticide (as Sen.Moynihan once said). 

Refer to the earlier Post entitled “The Only Chart You Need To Know” for viability statistics for extremely premature actual births.  At 22 weeks lmp (which may be circa 20 weeks from conception) the actual survival rate (at the 17 U.S. NICHD University Teaching Hospitals’ Study) was 21%; at 23 weeks gestation lmp it leaps to over 37% viability.  The facts are irrefutable.  They have been known about by surgeons and abortion clinics for over a decade.  I have written on the subject and recorded facts for 9 years, together with extensive research on late term abortion by state.

Banning D&E Pre-Birth Dismemberment Abortion after 20 weeks is a feasible and achievable goal, and would save the lives of nearly 20,000 viable and potentially viable babies a year, ON THE SAME BASIS AS THE PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION BAN ACT OF 2003 WAS PASSED.  It is achievable, if described and publicized, due to resultant public and press awareness and concurrent horror at the procedure.