One Chart Proves All

Posted on February 3, 2016


The 2007 NICHD 5-year Study by 17 major University Hospitals with NICUs, of 4,446 extremely preterm infants born in late term second trimester (21 to 28 weeks) proved conclusively that viability can and did occur as early as 22 weeks.

The percent of preemie infants surviving at 22 weeks was 21%, i.e. one in five. At 23 weeks the percentage jumps to 37%, i.e. better than one in three. It improves that fast. Every day in the womb adds another 2% to the survival and viability percentage.

At 24 weeks gestation, nearly 60% of preemie babies born in major U.S. hospitals can expect to survive to maturity and adulthood.

There is no conjecture. There ARE babies delivered at 22 weeks for medical reasons who have survived and are living today. Viability benchmark is NOT 24 or 26 or 28 weeks, nor as once purported (at the time of Roe v Wade) the third trimester.

The viability benchmark is 22 weeks; it may even be said to be late in the 21st week. It is the same time period as when the baby in the womb has been determined to feels pain.

Clearly, there must not be Dismemberment Abortion–any more than there can be Partial Birth Abortion–after 20 or 21 weeks gestation; for then it is infanticide.




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