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It is appropriate to restart this site today, 01/22/2014, after a year-long illness and malaise that set our goals askew.  

The goal of this site, of course, has always been simply a micro-slice of the pro-life anti-abortion movement–that is, to at least save the lives of just those 20,000 infants each year who reach the gestation age of viability in the womb, who are aborted for elective reasons by their mothers (with the encouragement and advice of their physicians, Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List women, abortion clinics’ staff and others) in the last half of the second trimester at 21 to 28 weeks lmp.

These potentially-viable (at 21 to 24 weeks lmp), and absolutely positively certainly-viable (25 to 28 weeks lmp and beyond) babies–who are large and virtually fully-formed infants–are aborted at this late stage by the indescribably inhuman method of D&E Dilation & Evacuation, a procedure whereby the baby within the womb is de-limbed, decapitated, shredded and/or crushed and evacuated by suction.

Why is this “saving viable infants” partial effort so important (within the entire anti-abortion movement)–to at least legislatively, federally stop 20,000 annual abortions of viable babies out of over 1,200,000 a year total abortions a year in the United States?

It’s important because the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 (that is, the ban of D&X Dilation & Extration method of late-term abortion) did absolutely nothing to end the abortion of viable babies in the 21 to 28 weeks’ lmp gestation period.

The doctors who were using D&X simply switched back to D&E…same babies being aborted, same gestation period, same elective reasons, same same everything except the abortive medical procedure method.  D&X partially extracted the baby from the womb and mother’s vagina before an abortionist killed the viable infant with scissors’ insertion to the back of the head: while D&E featured the killing of the baby within the womb through dismemberment and suctioning of the shredded parts.

 After passage of a partial Birth Abortion Ban Bill was blocked for years by President Clinton’s vetoes, D&X was finally banned and signed into law in 203 by President Bush.  Yet D&E continued as a legal and accepted medical procedfure–while no legislator seemed to know anything about it.  Indeed, no one seemed (or seems today) to know anything about it.

The D&X Partial Birth Abortion method (now banned) was performed on about 4,000 late-term second-trimester infants a year.  D&E Dismemberment Abortion method continues to be performed on over 20,000 late-term second-trimester infants a year.

The most useful outcomes of the decade-long campaign to ban Partial Birth Abortion (boldly led in a major way by Senator Rick Santorum) were the publicly-displayed voting results of individual U.S. congressmen and women and of our U.S. senators.  Democrats, by and large, were against any ban on late-term Partial Birth Abortion, while Republicans were overwhelmingly in favor of a federal ban.  No surprise there.  The general public were in favor (by over two-thirds majority) of a federal ban on Partial Birth Abortion according to polls at the time, because the graphic nature of the procedure that had been described and publicised so clearly.  And even though the legislative voting in favor of a federal Ban Act Bill passed (repeatedly) in House and Senate by more than 60%, President Clinton used his veto power to block passage for years.

What were surprises, in viewing the publication of those multiple votes, were the composition/s of individual legislators’ blocs, especially those who voted against any ban on Partial Birth Abortion.  Yes, they were mostly Democrats.  But they were also, to a great degree, Catholics (or claimed to be practising Catholics), they were women, and they were Jewish.

In the final (October 2003) House vote on Partial Birth Abortion, the Ban Act Bill passed by 281-142 (half of the “nay” votes were from just 5 states; California, New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida).  In the Senate, the passage was by 64 to 33.  Of 146 Catholic U.S. elected legislators voting, 52 voted against the Ban Act Bill (including notables as Kerry, Kennedy, Dodd and Nancy Pelosi, Laura DeRosa and Susan Collins).

Of the 37 Jewish elected legislators, 34 voted against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

Thank God for our Protestant legislators: of 326 Protestant congressmen and senators, 244 voted For the partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

On this day, Wednesday 22 January 2014, when so many young Catholic students from Colleges and High Schools are marching in the freezing weather of Washington D.C., in the March For Life, the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, what must they think when they are presented with such facts?  Why on earth would any American adult, let alone elected representatives in the legislative “corridors of power”, be in favor of aborting viable infants in the womb at 22 or 23 or even 25 or 26 weeks’ gestation?  How is it possible?  Do they rationalize that a late-term-abortion Ban would allow anti-abortionists to get their toe in the door, as it were, and move on rapidly to overturning Roe v. Wade?

Whatever the reason, there are those Catholics (plus Jews–overwhelmingly– and Emily’s List elected women) who will vote in favor of abortion–i.e. abortion at any time in the pregnancy term, for any reason, no matter what, on the basis of “a woman’s right to choose”: when in reality, most of those women do not “choose”, they are advertised at, bombarded with propaganda, lobbied and convinced and coerced.

Watching the Catholic Mass, LIVE, this morning–broadcast on EWTN– from the Washington Basilica, it was so very moving to see the procession of attendees moving up the aisles to receive Holy Communion, some receiving on their tongues, most in their cupped hand, without a trace of affectation, calm, solemnly absorbed in prayer, beautiful to behold.  Young–many, many young–old, middle aged, whites, Latinos, blacks, Asians.  When they were all back in their pews, during the quiet period before the final blessing, heads were bowed and one could sense that they were praying for the children who have been aborted in this land over these forty plus years, and probably for the legislators and jusrists who will determine the future course of abortion.

On this of all days, the conservative talk show hosts do not seem to be able to dedicate even one show’s program to the questions and subjects (plural) of abortion in America.  Too dangerous?  So many debates and interviews could be mounted.  There is a huge movement in various states to ban post 20-weeks’ abortions, on the basis of infants in the womb feeling pain at 20-plus weeks’ gestation.  Think of the power of the overall argument if that medical assertion were to be coupled to the proven facts and massive medical surveys confirming that infants in the womb can be viable (if they were to be born at that point) as early as 22 weeks’ gestation, moving rapidly from 20% survival at 22 weeks lmp to 78% survival at 25 weeks and 98% at 26 weeks.  (For an enormous amount of multi-year research on this subject, go to

As noted at the outset, it is surely a most appropriate day to restart this research and this site, and to promote the cessation of abortions for late-term second trimester D&E Dismemberment Abortions in America.  We CAN save 20,000 viable babies lives a year, so easily…all it takes is another “Senator Rick Santorum” (or two or more) and a will, with stamina, to endure in the legislative battle/s that effort will entail. 


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