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Those in denial about late-term, second-trimester elective abortions of viable or potentially-viable infants (21/22 through 27/28 weeks’ gestation lmp) say that “the numbers are not real”.  That “the problem doesn’t exist”.  Or “even if there are some late-term abortions, they are very rare and only occur in the third trimester”.  And “anyway, those ‘fetuses’ are not viable, they are just organisms”, i.e. unfeeling non-persons.

Of comments submitted to this blog, over half comprise negative assertions of the sort summarized above.  (As notified last year, and in 2009, we do not publish comments if responders decline to identify themselves.)

On the other hand, very few respondents appear to be supportive of the author’s effort to ban late-term elective D&E abortions of viable infants; or to express surprise or shock at the magnitude of the numbers of potentially-viable children aborted annually (i.e. 20,000); or applaud a goal to make the American people aware of our nation’s virtual infanticide; or even indicate that they did not realize there was a difference between late-term D&X partial birth abortion (already banned) and late-term D&E elective ‘dismemberment’ abortion of viable babies.  

With such ambivalence, one is tempted to consider if one is doing the right thing.

Yet, this author is convinced that the real numbers and facts are so extraordinary that most people cannot grasp them; or, in extreme instances, people just will not believe them.  A typical comment by an unidentified respondent:  “Your article is not credible.  You could be making up the numbers.  I can’t locate any corroborating studies.”  This despite an enormous library of cccf research posts throughout 2009, 2010 and 2011 citing references, data and conclusions from recent and earlier medical studies, annual surveillance data, analyses and reports in this country and abroad (e.g. CDC, US NICHD, UK EPICure, UCONN Health Center, Guttmacher Institute, California DHCS, Harvard Medical among others) including web address links.

Naysayers are reluctant to do research.  It’s easier to close the lid and shut one’s eyes to the truth.

Yes, the numbers are real!  There really ARE 20,000-plus potentially viable babies aborted every year in the U.S., in the second half of the second trimester.  Yes, the reasons for late-term second-trimester D&E abortions of potentially viable infants are virtually ALL elective; almost none are by reason of medical necessity.  Yes, the proven potential viability of infants in the womb IS NOW 21 to 22 weeks gestation, not 28 or 26 weeks as previously ‘guesstimated’ at the time Roe v. Wade was enacted by the then members of the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Yes, we are killing real, survivable, ‘ensouled’ human beings – real persons – at the rate of 400 children a week, every week of the year, by the D&E medical abortion method of dismantling and shredding their bodies while alive and feeling pain. 

Now the gestation age at which infants in the womb actually feel pain (medically proven and defined as 20 weeks, if not earlier), and the gestation age at which infants born extremely prematurely at major hospitals’ neonatal units and surviving in significant percentages (thus setting the new post-2000 definition of infant viability as circa 21/22 weeks gestation lmp…which is the equivalent of 20 weeks from conception) have come together.

There can no longer be any doubt in the minds of U.S. legislators.  No infants of 20 weeks’ (lmp) gestation or older should be permitted to be aborted unless the life of the mother is in grave danger (should such a pregnancy termination not be performed).  The lives of 20,000 viable babies a year would be saved.  America would not be killing it’s viable children.  America would not be inflicting indescribable pain on viable infants, nor would its medical practitioners be performing a killing procedure reminiscent of the the fifteenth century capital punishment method of drawing and quartering the human body.   

An unidentified responder (apparently a ‘Catholic mother’ but proudly not in harmony with her Church, the Vatican or the U.S. Bishops) submitted a professionally composed list of arguments as to why late-term second-trimester D&X partial birth abortion, and D&E in-utero dismemberment abortion methods should both be permissible, for any reason at any time through 28 weeks’ gestation, citing a 2006 Guttmacher study for some of her support.  (However, the referenced Guttmacher survey confirmed, in fact, that no second trimester abortions were performed for medical reasons.)  That concerned ‘Catholic mother’ – using an alias and ‘’ mycingular mail – was likely a staff member of a pro-abortion group.  Fine, if the writer identified herself and her affiliation.  We would then publish the responder’s comments in full.

Be assured; no numbers on this blog are “made up”.  Where estimates are made, the sources for reaching those estimates are clearly identified.

Think about it.  Then again, think about it again.  20,000 annually, is the number of viable and potentially viable children who are aborted by shredding every year.  


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