Skeptical of “Common Ground”

Posted on November 5, 2009


Rosa DeLauro, Democrat Representative from this state, Connecticut,  co-sponsors a bill pitched as a “common ground” position vis-a-vis abortion and life issues, entitled the “Preventing Unintended Pregnancies, Reducing the Need for Abortion, and Supporting Parents Act”. 

No one can be against ‘reducing unintended pregnancies’.  Catholics share in the belief that premarital explicit sexual activity including intercourse should be avoided, especially by teenagers in middle-school grades and high school, and that girls and women be encouraged to say no to randy young men anxious to sew wild oats.  Pro-choice and abortion advocates believe the only way to ‘reduce unintended pregnancies’ is to distribute condoms and other birth control devices, and to teach sexual activities’ awareness, to even the very youngest including pre-teens. 

Despite the DeLauro/Ryan Bill’s attractive title, what the proposed Act does support is the additional funding of clinics and agencies that distribute birth control devices, associations that advocate and perform abortions, and organizations that work toward the priciple of worldwide population control.  

Rep. DeLauro was the Executive Director of Emily’s List and is outspokenly pro-choice.  DeLauro voted several times to keep the Partial Birth Abortion (D&X) late-term procedure from being banned.  DeLauro voted on 11/7/09 against the Stupak Amendment preventing the federal funding of abortions in the House Health Care Reform Bill.  Ms. DeLauro, a Catholic, put together the “House Democrats’ Catholic Statement of Principles”, signed by 55 Catholic House Democrats, who basically reserve the right to differ with the Catholic Faith and the Church on – in effect – the issue of abortion.

Co-sponsoring the DeLauro/Ryan Bill is Ohio Democrat Representative Tim Ryan, who claims vociferously to be pro-life.  Ryan signed DeLauro’s Catholic Statement of Principles.  More on Tim Ryan to follow.

This is a sleeper of a Bill, and should be opposed by all Catholics and all pro-life advocates.  The only common ground that should be advocated by Catholic Representatives in Congress as well as by all Americns who respect the value of human life – people of all faiths and ethnic races – is the abolition of killing, by abortion, viable infants.  How stunning it would have been if Catholic Representatives Tim Ryan and Connecticut’s Rosa DeLauro had proposed a Bill such as that!  There can be no “common ground” or middle position or “third way” in regard to the shredding and evacuation from the womb of potentially viable infants in their 20 to 26th week of gestation by the inhuman method of D&E Dismemberment Late-Term Abortion.

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